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MetropoliLab Oy – Versatile laboratory services in Helsinki region

What is MetropoliLab?

MetropoliLab Oy (Business ID: 2340056-8) is a laboratory enterprise owned by the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. MetropoliLab Oy is the most versatile municipally owned laboratory in Finland in terms of its food, water and environmental analysis services.

Located at the Viikki campus, a hub of bioscience and environment related research and control, its activities include testing food, water and environmental samples. This location gives the laboratory ideal opportunities to act as a groundbreaker in its field of activity.

MetropoliLab is an impartial, independent laboratory T058 accredited by Finas, the Finnish Accreditation Service according to the standard SFS-EN ISO 17025. The laboratory’s analytical methods are the most widely approved by authorities in Finland, EVIRA. The approval is particularly extensive in the fields of analyses and tests required for compliance with the Food Act and relating to the health of buildings and indoor air. The approval also covers all the analyses provided in the decrees issued on water intended for human consumption and on water in swimming pools and at beaches.


What does MetropoliLab do?

We offer laboratory services to municipal and state authorities, institutions, communities, business enterprises and private persons. Important aspects of our operations include compiling reports on the tests and analyses carried out, providing expert services, sample taking and sample transportation.

Our laboratory services cover the most important analyses, in situ measurements and sample taking and/or collection tasks for food, water and environmental testing and inspections.

Our analytical strengths are: foods, their microbiological and chemical quality, contaminants, composition and additives; chemical and microbiological analyses of water samples; the quality of indoor and outdoor air; microbes causing moisture damage; and contaminated soils and sediments.

Our laboratory’s expert personnel and modern equipment guarantees short delivery times and reliability and accuracy of the test results. MetropoliLab’s Managing Director is Reetta Ahlfors.

In producing our services we comply with the General Conditions for Consulting (KSE 2013) and the General Terms of Public Procurement (JYSE 2014).



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Calls from a fixed network subscription: 8,28 cents/call + 5,95 cents/min

Calls from a mobile network subcription: 8,28 cnt/samtal + 17,04 cnt/min


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